1. LOONS: Keep an eye and ear out for the king and queen of the lake - the Loons. You will hear their extraordinary haunting call and see one or both of them bobbing around the island and diving for fish. Today I saw the Loon sitting on its nest, just off the island, so we have one or two chicks to look forward to seeing this year on the Pond.
  2. FOOD Washington is very lucky to have Sweet Season Farm and Cafe -- offering locally farmed produce, ice cream, and incredible dining. We particularly love going to brunch there. Say 'hi' to Virginia for us. They are just finishing building a farm shop which will open this season (2014). Looking forward to seeing more of their great selection of local meat and vegetables.
  3. Watch the Road Pull out on to the road carefully! We are below a crest of the hill on the right and cars can fly down the road. When turning left out of the house I put down the windows, turn off the radio & fan to listen for cars, and initially pull away on the left side of the road (not because I am British). Have a safe stay.
  4. Rent lake toys! We have kayaks, a fishing pontoon and a Hobie catamaran to play with while we are here. Canoes, kayaks and SUP boards (I want!) can be picked up or delivered from one of the most wonderful shops on the planet - Maine Sport Outfitters in Rockport. Motorboats are allowed on Washington Pond but we discourage that as our fellow Pond dwellers come here for the sound of the birds, the wind in the trees and the lake lapping up against the rocks.
  5. FISHING The fishing is amazing here. You need to buy a fishing license from the Washington Town Hall - please don't fish illegally! We have fished in many places on the lake, but the best place is right off of our own dock. The lake is stocked with fish from the public access point and they tend to stick around. We are complete amateurs, but just about every time we go out we catch something. We have a white lure (with a lil pink flash) for cast and retrieve fishing which brings in Bass reliably and a yellow lure which will bring in perch. We use trout worms or just a little bread and use live lining with a float which catches trout reliably. Bass is great eating, but in these lakes it is recommended that you don't eat more than one or two a week.