Midcoast Maine: Where to Go


Maine Events & Festivals Summer 2014

By: Jennifer Fey

As the summer warmth engulfs the state, scores of events, markets, faires, and classes kick off around the coast that will make your lakeside Maine vacation pop. We are big fans of spending every second on the lake -- but at some point, you and your loved ones will need to change it up in a day before settling back lakeside for the evening.


Making the Most of Your Stay: 5 Tips

By: Nick Fey

1. Keep an eye and ear out for the king and queen of the lake - the Loons. You will hear their extraordinary haunting call and see one or both of them bobbing around the island and diving for fish. Today I saw the Loon sitting on its nest, just off the island, so we have one or two chicks to look forward to seeing this year on the Pond.